GLDGC Morning League













Tuesday Mornings

The Morning League will return in the Fall of 2015



This league meets at a different local course each week
Points are earned weekly to determine a league champion  
League director: Drew Detzner
Players receive a handicap based on their play
Mulligans, CTP and an Ace Pool adds to the fun


Meet @ the specified course at 8:30AM - Tee off to follow 
$6 entry fee with $1 going into the Ace Pool
Up to two Mulligans may be purchased for $1 each and must be used that week
Initial handicaps will be based on the league average and the player's ability
Handicaps will be calculated using the cumulative scores and posted weekly
Handicap = [Avg(Player's Scores - Course Weighted Averages) * 0.7]
A negative handicap will occur if a player's average is less than 50
Points will be awarded each week depending on the player's modified score
Each player will receive 2 pts. for playing and 1 pt. for each player they beat
A prize will be awarded to the top player each week (handicapped score)
The best 6 of 9 weekly scores will determine the overall point leaders
Trophies will be given to the top players at the end of the league (points earned)



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